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It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to either:

  1. Submit a meal application
  2. Pay for student meals or
  3. Send the student to school with a meal.

Parents and guardians are expected to pay their delinquent debt. If you believe you are eligible, you may apply for a meal at low/no charge, so that no debt is incurred. (Applications are subject to Income Verification).

Meal Prices

Secondary Schools (MBMS & MCHS) 2nd Chance Breakfast $2.25,  Lunch $4.00 

Elementary Schools (GV, MD, PAC, PK, ROB, PS) $3.50                                          

We provide foods students like to eat and that are whole grain enriched, low in total fat, saturated fat, and are trans-fat free. Our meals provide calcium, vitamin D, A & C, protein, and fiber, in choices your child enjoys. We offer 1% and nonfat milk. Vegetarian selections are available daily.

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